February 15, 2006

The value of life…..

Posted in In the News at 10:41 am by jyesis

I found this article in the NY Times today that tells of a new cancer treatment that has been given a six figure price tag for a very disturbing reason. From the article:

Until now, drug makers have typically defended high prices by noting the cost of developing new medicines. But executives at Genentech and its majority owner, Roche, are now using a separate argument — citing the inherent value of life-sustaining therapies.

So let me get this straight…..because life is “inherently valueable”, any treatment that sustains life has an equivalent value and can therefore be outlandishly priced? It’s not research costs that drive the price up, it’s the value placed on your life. I’m surprised this isn’t considered extortion. If you want to live, you pay me lots of money….if not, well, I guess your life just isn’t worth $100,000. Does this mean that food, water, shelter, and the like, which are all required to sustain life are worth an equal amount? This is getting out of hand. I’m done ranting. Time to go do something. For those of you who have some scruples, look at creative commons licensing, the GPL, and others of that ilk. Unless enough of us start to share freely, this is going to get worse, not better. We live in a world that rewards efficient exploitation. Time to build a world that rewards efficient innovation and humanity.


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